Steel construction already represents 2% of national exports

Steel and composite construction market represents annually a turnover of 3.5 billion euros. The sector is responsible for 26 thousand jobs

Fametal Group invests 4.5 M€ to automate the production and wants to strengthen internationalization

Fametal / Alaço, which specializes in steel construction and steel coatings, invest 4.5 million euros in new equipment in the two factories in Ourém, Santarém, to increase competitiveness, namely in the foreign market, the Portuguese group said today.

Portuguese steelwork industry worth 2,350 million euros

Sector meets today in Lisbon to discuss durability, sustainability and innovation.

The group of steelwork sector 'O Feliz' will enter next year in new markets, France, Belgium and Colombia.

The group of steelwork sector 'O Feliz' will enter next year in new markets, France, Belgium and Colombia.The company of Braga, expects to invoice 36 million euros in 2016.

Portuguese Steel construction seeks foreign business opportunities

Germany, Poland and Turkey are the markets with the most business potential for this sector.

Steel construction under discussion

A seminar on Steel construction organized by the Portuguese Association of Steel and Composite Construction will be held on December 7, at the University of Minho. In this region, the sector represents about 2200 direct jobs. Metallic structures manufacturing companies reached a turnover of around € 195 million in 2015. Steel construction is used in new construction and rehabilitations.

Steel construction setor

The dynamism of the steel construction industry remains an exception in the Portuguese economy. The macroeconomic context has been marked in recent years by the slowdown in worldwide and national economic growth, with a strong impact on the national construction sector.

Portuguese A1V2 chosen for project in Algeria

The engineering and architecture company is working on the project of building a plant in mechanical engineering in the country, a total of 35 million euros.

Sector represents 2.4% of exports National and 2% of GDP.

"Steelwork solutions are proving to be more competitive each year in both the evolving and demanding markets of Europe and in the emerging markets of several continents, such as Africa and Latin America."

Portugal Steel promotes steel construction in the Arab, Argentine and US markets

Promoting the importance of Portuguese Steel Construction in potential markets will be the main objective of the 1st Portugal Steel Forum, organized by CMM, which will bring together the US, Luso-Arab and Argentine Chambers of Commerce, on the 23rd June in Coimbra.

Engineering of ImasD scale in Bolivia

The Portuguese engineering company is in the four corners of the world and won the construction of a concrete factory in Bolivia, 4,500 meters high. The company developed a remote work platform.