Museum of Tomorrow

The Museum of Tomorrow is located in Pier Mauá, a highly prominent place in the Port Region of Rio de Janeiro. The Museum and its surrounding gardens form a central part of Porto Maravilha, the largest urban development project in the country and one of the urban revitalization commitments that the city of Rio de Janeiro made during its successful bid for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Name of the Project: Museum of Tomorrow 
Project Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Conclusion: December 2015
Dimensions: 15000 m2
Tonnage: 3 522 ton of structural steel elements
Structural Concept: The building of organic forms, inspired by the bromeliads of the Botanical Garden, occupies 15 thousand square meters and is surrounded by mirrors of water, garden, bike path and space for leisure, in a total area of 34.6 thousand square meters. The museum also has an auditorium with 400 seats, a shop, cafeteria, and restaurant.

Owner of the Project: City Hall of the City of Rio de Janeiro
Engineering: Alpha Project Structural Engineering
Architecture: Santiago Calatrava
Steelworking Construction: MARTIFER
General Construction: Porto Rio Consortium