Grand Stade de Lyon

The steel structure of the large stadium serves as a support for the cover, which comprises three parts which are:
     - the outer ring
     - the opaque inner crown
     - the translucent inner crown
The outer ring, of variable width (average of 25 m), presents a complex geometry, with a succession of trapezoidal and triangular planes or trapezoidal slopes whose inclinations vary between 10 and 45 degrees.
It is made of canvas stretched and interlaced in steel frame.

Name of the Project: Grand Stade De Lyon
Location of the project: Décines
Conclusion: 2015
Dimensions: 53,700m2
Tonnage: 7000 ton
Structural Concept: Steel structure and acoustic coating

Owner of the Project: OL Groupe and Fonciere Du Montout
Engineering: Cabinet Jaillet Rouby
Architecture: Populous
Steelworking: Martifer Metallic Constructions
General Contractor: Stade De Lion Construction