Steel Construction and Sustainability?

With a national scope, these conferences are directed to all stakeholders and professionals in this sector, and respond to the fundamentals of the Portugal Steel brand, based on specific topics of visions of the future in the design and manufacture of Steel Structures, future strategies and research.
This conference seeks to demonstrate the contribution of steel construction to constructive eco-sustainable awareness. The option of steel construction is a bet on the use of sustainable materials.

Co-organized with Centro Habitat, this Steel Talk is dedicated to the advantage of the steel solution at the level of sustainability and seeks to alert to constructive eco-sustainable awareness.




14:15 Reception of participants

14:30 Opening Session

                Luis Simões da Silva (CMM)

                Victor Ferreira (Cluster Habitat Sustentável)

14:40 Sustainability Potential of the Steel Construction Sector

                Luis Simões da Silva (CMM)

15:20 Energy Efficiency and Steel Construction: Challenges, Innovation and Experience

                Romeu Vicente (U. Aveiro)

15:20 The importance of galvanizing in the durability and sustainable construction of steel structures

                António Pedro (Metalogalva)

15:40 Sustainability evaluation in construction

                Manuel Pinheiro (IST-UTL)

16:00 Lifecycle evaluation of steel constructive solutions

                Ricardo Mateus (U. Minho)

16:20 Steel construction in the Sustainable Cluster Habitat strategy and in the RIS3 framework of the Central Region

                Victor Ferreira (Cluster Habitat Sustentável)

16:20 Discussion

17:00 Closing Session







Start date
10 May 2017

End date
10 May 2017