Portugal Steel Seminar | Polytechnic Institute of Bragança

With strong attendance, the Seminar took place in the Alcínio Miguel Auditorium of Instituto Politécnico de Bragança and featured the following presentations:

  • Prof. Paulo Piloto (IPB) - Opening of the Seminar
  • Eng.º Luís Figueiredo Silva (CMM) - Presentation Portugal Steel
  • Prof. Luís Mesquita (IPB) - Behavior of Alveolar Beams in Fire Situation: Experimental and Numerical Study
  • Eng.º Gabriel Sousa (O FELIZ) - Product Lab: Web platform for dimensioning solutions O FELIZ
  • Miguel Santiago (CONSTÁLICA) - Building the Structures of the Future
  • Dr. João Lage (SINPROFILE) - SIN Profile as a Constructive Solution
  • Ângelo Canelas (ULTRAPRECISION) - Measurement of Duplex Coatings in Metallic Construction
  • Eng.º Jorge Paiva (CIN) - Anti-Corrosion Protection and Durability of Metallic Structures
  • Eng.º Carla Neri (ARCELOR) - Sustainable Steel